About Us

Our family made its first visit to Gatlinburg in late 2015 and we all knew immediately that this was definitely a place where we wanted to make a lot of family & friend memories in the future.   After an intense 3 month search for the perfect cabin that checked all of the important boxes for us, we spent our first night at Majestic Oak Lodge...and knew that we made the right decision!

From the very beginning our goal was to design, furnish, decorate and care for the cabin like it wasn't just another generic investment property left to be managed by one big cabin rental management companies, because it isn't.  Majestic Oak Lodge is the only cabin we own and my wife & I really wanted it to feel as cozy & perfect as possible so -- a warm and inviting place where each time a guest (or any member of our own family) walked in the door they would just feel relaxed and at "home".

As the owners, we take tremendous pride in our little piece of paradise in the mountains, and we want each and every guest to share (at least) two of the same emotions that we do  each time we have to pack up and head back home from a vacation -- a bit sad that our visit is over & we have to leave, but also filled with joy over our opportunity to make terrific, happy lasting memories with some of the important people in our lives...at Majestic Oak Lodge.

When we aren't lucky enough to be enjoying the cabin, our family calls Mooresville, NC our "full time" home.   We have two amazing kids (13 & 10) that love to visit the cabin and bring along a friend for the visit so they too have the opportunity to take home great memories from a beautiful cabin, in a beautiful part of the Smoky Mountains.

We thank you for taking the time to read through our informational website and appreciate that you are considering Majestic Oak Lodge as a place to call your vacation destination!

Warmest regards,
Terri & Michael Schriver

Memories from a Visit to the Mountains

A chilly morning at The Village in Gatlinburg following a traditional visit to "The Donut Friar".